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CJ Freedom provides opportunities for youth to train, compete and also strive for physical fitness. Everyone is given an opportunity to compete in all track meets - exceptional athletic ability is not required to participate nor are there tryouts, except for relay teams. All levels of ability are welcome since emphasis is placed on setting personal goals and the training to attain fitness & health. We will participate in the AAU Missouri Valley youth division, member of the national governing body of AAU Athletics for track & field. Our club goal is to encourage and help young people to develop physically, emotionally and socially through individual involvement in our program. They will improve their physical conditioning as they learn skills related to track & field and  in turn they will build a positive self-image as they recognize their achievements. They will receive support and lots of encouragement from fellow athletes and also have a good time.

The athletic program of CJ Freedom strives to provide positive experiences for each athlete and families who participates. Your child will be part of a team, community and in essence a family. Athletes benefit from the development of good self-worth, friendships, loyalty, strong sportsmanship, integrity, and the promotion of individual wellness. Each of these characteristics helps in the development of individual and team attitudes that are useful and necessary for a successful season and life.


CJ Freedom Track Club goals & objectives;

1. To have fun - First and foremost, any sport must be enjoyable. With proper training, preparation, and support, track & field can be satisfying and filled with life-learning experiences for everyone involved.

  • To allow youth to participate regardless of their abilities

2. Athletic development - The athlete's individual development is very important. While we value team spirit, the athlete's development and best interest are our primary focus. Physically - By improving physical conditioning, developing good health habits, and avoiding injuries. Socially – By teaching athletes how to cooperate in a competitive environment, showing appreciation to others through sportsmanship, and making friends.

  • To teach sound track & field techniques
  • To strengthen young people's self-image through competition

3. Strive to be your best - Enjoyment of competition is greatest when the athletes strive to achieve their best performance.

  • To have meaningful impact in the process of training future leaders through the development of disciplined minds and bodies

4. Family - Family support is a basic necessity for all athletes.



In Christ,

Danny Sluder

CJ Freedom Track Club




The CJ Freedom Track Club was established in 2010 to give 3 girls from Carl Junction an opportunity at competing in AAU track. We partnered with another local Joplin club, Fit-4-Life, in our first year.  Our  common goal being that of creating an enviornment for all kids to be active. In 2012 we went public to have others join us in our endeavor! In 2016, we are now established to give a meaningful experience in the sport of athletics to youth from ages 7 to 18 in the Carl Junction & 4-state area. We do encourage HS students to participate, although HS athletes should already be involved in athletics outside of our club to achieve maximum results. Too, our goals will always emphasize the student athlete, underscoring the fact that without academic achievement the athlete does not have an arena in which to perform.


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